There’s One Thing Men Want More Than Sex

It’s considered as something women find hard to give, but men really want it more than sex. According to popular belief around the world, men who make up 23 chromosomes of a human being are addicted to sex and desire it more than anything else there is.

“All men want is sex!” – the world famous quote and saying has been heard by almost everyone and has become a popular public dialogue for movies. When I was a kid that’s exactly what I thought. Growing older, it still remained the utmost priority of my mind, to be able to have sex and be good at it. However, now that I’m older, the priority surely has changed and there’s something that men, including me, desire more than sex but it is also something women find really hard to give us.

Growing up, be it high school or college, the mark of manliness was judged by the capability of a man having sex. If a guy didn’t have sex with a girl during their relationship, he was thought of as ‘not manly enough’ or there might be something wrong with him. Why is it so difficult to accept that a man can not want to have sex too.

Taking no points away from how great sex is and how good it feels, it is important to know that it is not everything in the world. You might be inside a woman, making love to her, but it just won’t feel right, and you won’t feel accepted enough, even though she has given you the most important thing she has, which is her body. However, to us men, there is something more than being inside a woman for the sake of pleasure.

When we were on the road to becoming men, there was a sense of competition amongst all of us. The competition was among men but it was related to the opposite sex. Everyone desired to be with the prettiest, intelligent most and just the perfect girl. The competition on finding the perfect partner made us realize that it was the women that decided who they wanted to be with. Today, all that has amalgamated into what we call the desire for ‘safe harbor’, the desire for a woman’s acceptance of who we are, without having to change. That, indeed, is more important than sex to men.


It is very important for men to be themselves when they are with the woman of their choice. Yes, sex is a part of the male persona but it is not everything. Imagine being in a situation where the girl is ready to make love but while you’re doing it, you just aren’t yourself and you have to try really hard to impress her, be someone else, just for the sake of sex. That is something which makes ‘acceptance’ more important than sex.

A man and a woman, who spend their life together, do not just have sex all the time. Even though they are together all day, most couples have sex twice or thrice a day. What about the rest of the time? Men long for acceptance, love and nurturing, something that takes them back to their childhood when they were innocent. Imagine lying in bed with your wife and your head in her lap, having your scalp rubbed. That feeling of acceptance, safe harbor, and love are beyond sex.


However, this is also something that women find really hard to give us. Judging men from how attractive they are to how well they can be provided for, women have multiple conditions while choosing partners. Also, if a man wants to be nurtured and loved, accepted for who he is, he is treated like a young boy and not a man. Another aspect is that women feel that men who have hearts of boys show signs of weakness and powerlessness. This is directly linked with being abusive towards their wives, physical, verbal or mental.

So yes, as stated, there is something that men desire more than sex, which is beingaccepted for who they are. It is a feeling that men crave, a feeling of love, adoration, acceptance and safe harbor. And this is exactly what women today find really hard to give.



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