Strongest Earthquake in Decades Rocks Yellowstone National Park

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake caused great shock in Yellowstone National Park and had a ton of Twitter users calling for the end of time early this morning.  Could the apocalypse be coming? They seem to think so!

This earthquake struck in western Montana around 12:30 am local time and was followed by a series of smaller quakes according to USGS. Many people reported feeling significant shaking that was strong enough to wake them and rattle their household items. Twitter users have noted the proximity of this earthquake to the park’s supervolcano and the consequences that could occur if it were to go off.

You see, Yellowstone is home to a supervolcano that if erupted could effectively wipe out the United States. Some users have even seemed to suggest a link between this quake and one 6.9 magnitude quake that occurred in the Philippines close to the same time. With that being said, the experts from USGS were quicker than we thought they would be to downplay the earthquake.


This has been the strongest earthquake to hit this specific region in 20 years and would of course cause some concern. It caused a gas leak as well as a brief power outage in the surrounding areas. While the active volcano in Yellowstone could be an issue at some point it seems today is not the day for it to erupt. It has not produced a lava flow in about 70,000 years and hopefully won’t anytime soon.



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