Roast This and Heal the Body in Just a Day

Garlic is the best food there is. It has many benefits and amazing taste too. 6 cloves in a meal can heal you in just 24 hours. This is super food.

Being a cousin to the onion, this is beneficial. Garlic, onion, chives are all of the allium family. Allium is the main item in these foods and makes the taste too. The medicine benefits of garlic were known for centuries back. Even from ancient Egypt. Others used it too, Greeks, Romans, Babylonians, Chinese…

Garlic is in bulb form. Every bulb has 10-20 cloves and eating even 6 cloves can heal you in 24 hours. Most remedies use just 1 clove. The main item in garlic is allicin. This enters the GI tract and travels inside. This is in the first hour. In 2-4 hours, garlic kills cancer cells. The National cancer institute said this kills bacteria and blocks cancer agents, repairs DNA, reduces cell proliferation and makes apoptosis.

After 4-6 hours, metabolism recognizes the good items and removes excess fat and fluids. Garlic boosts T cells as well. It makes more such cells for fighting viruses. Nutrition experts of Florida university said for Clinical nutrition, 2012 that garlic extract reduces colds and flu and you heal faster. Garlic boosts immunity.

After 6-10 hours, garlic works on cell level. Small group of experts from Medical university South Carolina said there are organo-sulfur items in garlic which kill brain cancer and keep healthy cells. After 10-24 hours, we get the benefits. If you ate garlic 24 hours ago, you have now strong immunity, less cholesterol, better bones, and stamina.

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