Pregnant Side Chick Texts the Wrong Person and Things Take a Hilarious Turn

An Imgur gallery posted on Sunday by someone going by the username “OddOod” shows the back and forth between a pregnant woman and another person who the aforementioned pregnant woman thinks is her baby daddy’s girlfriend, but who actually is not. Still following? There’s not a whole lot of behind-the-screengrabs information on this exchange, but it’s a funny one.

Initially, the pregnant woman texts, “I just thought id [sic] should tell you. Youre [sic] boyfriend made me pregnant.”

The recipient, who has no idea who this woman is, texts back “Oh no! Which boyfriend?” The unnamed pregnant woman (who will henceforth be referred to as PW) texts back, “What do you mean which boyfriend? [Curse word] this is serious!” Not to the recipient, it’s not. Far from it, actually.

So the recipient starts texting back pictures of various famous Sams, like Sam from Lord of the Rings and Sam from Game of Thrones.

Clearly it is not any of those Sams.

PW assumes the reason “Sam’s girlfriend” (who is definitely not Sam’s girlfriend) is not taking the situation seriously is that Sam is a bad dater, and his girlfriend is “crazy” to stay with him. And therefore she is now involved in a text fight with a crazy person.

The recipient takes a few moments to correct PW’s terrible grammar, and to point out that the “food places” PW mentioned are usually just called “restaurants.” But if Sam is really low enough, he probably hasn’t been taking PW to actual restaurants, so maybe that’s not a fair assessment.

When PW gets fed up with the recipient and asks if she “has” Sam, she finds out that unfortunately Sam’s locked in the “boot” (or “trunk” for those of you not in England) of the recipient’s car.

The “Your sarcasm is so perfect they think you’re serious” meme is not really apt here, since there’s not really any perfect sarcasm going on. But whatever.

Aaaannnd at this point, PW finally realizes she’s probably got the wrong number. Oh, you think?

PW apologizes, but then calls the recipient a “psycho” when he/she maintains that Sam is still locked in the car. Probably without any food or water, even! Why isn’t she more worried about Sam?! Oh, right, because he’s a tool.

Well, at least PW managed to use the correct version of “you’re” this time. So that’s an improvement. No trouble spelling “bitch” either.

So, moral of the story: if you’re going to get knocked up by a guy who has a girlfriend, double check the phone number before you start texting her the unfortunate news. And also, if you sleep with a guy who has a girlfriend, don’t be surprised when he doesn’t care that he’s knocked you up. Or when he takes you to bad “food places.”

Sources: h/t Daily Mail
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