Johnson & Johnson Said Their Baby Care Items Have Cancerous Formaldehyde

This was shocking for all parents. This famous baby care brand (No More Tears shampoo) has formaldehyde.

This is carcinogen and is used for embalming corpses.

To cope with the negative effects and dangers, you have to look at all the studies from the last 50 years. Learn more on formaldehyde.

This item has a strong bad smell and is burnable too. For texture, it is clear liquid and found in items like cleaners, glue, fabrics, construction material, insulation, paper items and more. Also is used as disinfectant and removal for bacteria and viruses.

What is the link between cancer and formaldehyde

It is true that evidence said this link exist and experts still need more studies for a conclusion. But there are some factors that claim this item causes cancer.

USA environmental protection agency listed this item as one of carcinogens, 23 years ago.

Many studies said this made rat cancer and human cancer too, but environment also has an effect.

Johnson & Johnson scandal

Their managers want to convince the public that formaldehyde in their items is low and does not affect health.This was used in No more tears Shampoo for babies.

They recently removed this of the shampoo and will do it for other items too.

This is good news, but many people wonder why this happens now.

Turns out this shampoo and other items have the same effect even with no formaldehyde.

No doubt, timing is strange too especially since California has a new law for pharma items and cosmetics to have every item on the label.

This company is not the only one with bad ingredients in their products of course. There are groups that force companies to remove chemicals that are dangerous.

This change from Johnson & Johnson is expensive so they spent several millions dollars. We will wait and see if other changes and other companies take place.

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