Husband Reveals To Wife That He Is Leaving Her For Her Sister, But The Wife’s Response Is Savage AF!

According to an old saying: A husband can never win an argument with wife.

But it proved true in a recent case when a husband dumped his wife to live with her sister.

Here, we see the man revealing to his wife through a letter that he cheated on her with her own sister, and that now he is leaving her. But the wife astonishes him with some hard-to-digest replies.

Watch the episode unfold!

Man breaks up with wife through a letter…

He writes her a letter saying that he cheated on her with her sister and that he is leaving her.

He lists out all the problems that he felt in their marriage and says that he left her for good.

He further says that he has moved to West Virginia with her sister, and tells her not to trace him.

But the wife writes back, giving some hard-to-digest explanations.

It is absolutely brutal and takes the cake in this exchange!

This is what she writes…

But that is not all!

She wasn’t done repaying him for all those years of torture.

She saved the best for last…!

And that’s how she delivered the final, brutal stroke.

That last sentence steals the show, though!

That was a total BURN!


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